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Unreasonable Gamers » Blog Archive » Unreasonable GamerCast Episode 13
4th October
written by TheShape108

Gex the Geko sucks edition.

We welcome EttenCo back to the studio for our 13th episode as we try to keep warm amidst the cooling of the midwest for winter.  We kick things off with a review of Warner Premier’s latest animated feature ‘Batman/Superman Apocalypse’.  After that its the BITS O’NEWS!  First off the loss of Kane and Lynch’s director, the Chilean government’s hated of fun, MineCraft’s insane numbers, the Lords of Shadow 2d vs 3d review on IGN, and the reemergence of Zombies.  Then it’s Activision’s Nascar game, the DMC engine development, and the delay of Gears of War 3.

Then its a lengthy what you been playing as Etten cannot recommend Front Mission Evolved any less, but cannot recommend Fight Night Round 4 anymore.  Velius loves getting punished by Etria Odyssey 3 and StarCraft II.  Finally TheShape108 tells you why F1 2010 is scary and whats to love and hate about Dead Rising 2.

Then it’s our buyers guide for the month of October and the 3DS launch information.  After that we get into the existence of multiple HD collections and HD redo’s, then finally we talk about EA breaking down and changing the name of the Taliban in Medal of Honor.

Be sure to get your questions into ugcast@unreasonablegamers.com.

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